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VeggiPaint is designed to help LightWave users spray and place large numbers of objects.
Result can be directly sent to Layout as clones, nulls, points, kray custom objects or quads.
Both HDInstance and Kray instancing is supported.

VeggiPaint can be launched from Layout, Modeler or separately.
If launch from Layout, current scene is autoloaded in VeggiPaint.
If launched from Modeler, current object is loaded in VeggiPaint as ground.
If launched separately, you will be presented with a dialog requesting a lws or lwo.

VeggiPaint perspective uses the same keyboard and mouse control as LightWave perspective view.
There's also a second camera which can be controlled with the mouse and arrow keys or a 3D connexion device.

For more information, please download the demo. In the demo package you can find the manual of the full version.

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Download demo
Limitation: No saving.


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